Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sex Cake, Bieber, Homemade Caramel Sauce, annnd a WrestleFest

Yesterday was one of those days.  I ran around like a crazy woman in order to get everything done, but pretty much forgot everything!  I bought gifts for a couple of little girls at our church so that we could wrap them all at our Lifegroup party that night (left them at home).  I bought all of the ingredients to make the eggnog cupcakes I've been dying to make (forgot Baking Powder & had ZERO possible substitutions).  I ran to CVS to get Baking Powder with my 6 spare minutes (they didn't have any).  I put formula into a teeny little container that was easy to pour into the bottle for the babysitter (left the formula at home).  I went to plan B and made Sex Cake instead but forgot to buy Caramel topping (had to make my own, which actually ended up being way better!)  I'm a genius.

On my Target trip I had to get 2 gifts for our white elephant exchange.  The limit was $10 ...so I picked up a Best of Bill Cosby DVD (pretty legit gift if you ask me) and a Robert Pattinson wall poster.  I came home with a superrrr cute sock monkey wine bottle cover.  LOVE IT!! I would share the rest of the gifts but they were mostly related to inside jokes, so it would make ZERO sense.  I also came across these beauties
...but they were over the $$limit.  Too bad they didn't have adult sizes or they would have been in Jacci's mailbox tomorrow!

Here is the super easy and DELECTABLE recipe for the homemade caramel topping I was forced to make.  Seriously.Delish.  Kind of glad I forgot that little ingredient! I will never use store-bought again.
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 6 T unsalted butter
  • 1/2 cup heavy whipping cream
  1. Heat sugar over medium heat until it's completely melted.  Whisk the entire time so sugar doesn't burn.  Should NOT boil.
  2. Once completely melted, add butter and stir until smooth. (It will foam up a bit at first)
  3. Remove from heat and slowly pour in heavy whipping cream.  (Again, will get frothy)
  4. Stir quickly until mixed well.
  5. WAH-LAH!!

This was probably the 873rd sex cake I've made in my lifetime, and this caramel sauce made it the BEST one yet. As Aves would say, "Num nummy!!"
(This will be gone by tomorrow afternoon...not lying.  Ask Jacci.)

Immediately following Avery's nap today, we had a wrestle fest on the guest bed.  The phase of life that little Aves is currently in is awwwesome/hilarious/high entertaining.  Brian and I are obsessed. She is such a goofball and she keeps me, B-Riz, and Cam super entertained!

After working up an appetite we went to have a snack and watch Wonderpets.  Yipppeeeee! 

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Jacci said...

hahaha, this cracked me up. Man, I'm such a teeny bopper.

love you miss you, too bad you can't send me that cake in the mail!