Monday, December 13, 2010

The Weekend that Wasn't a Weekend

We had a blast with Nonni here!  Aves adores her.  She loved seeing her Uncle Yiyi and Big Poppy too!  Thanks for stopping by you guys!  We love you!

Riles and I stopped through Einstein's on the way home from the airport.  Cinnamon Swirl bagels+Honey-Almond Shmear=delectable goodness in my mouth!  We drove RIGHT by Sprinkles too... which created an intense craving that was later curbed by some Sex Cake... YUM.

The going-away party for Brian's manager was fun on Friday night.  Avery loved making new friends and Cameron loved meeting everyone!  The group is growing!  New babies popping up everywhere!

Jakey's bday party on Saturday was so so super cute.  That child is the smiliest happiest boy I've ever met.  Love him.  And he is IN LOVE with Cameron.  I think it's about time his mommy & daddy gave him a younger sib!  Thx for the invite Barber Fam!  Love you guys!

Saturday night's partays were super fun too!  It is RARE that Brian and I go on we took advantage of having a babysitter and stayed out for 8 hours!!  So much fun meeting some super cool people and hanging with our buddies.  The Wegs know how to throw a party :)

Church on Sunday morning was REALLY good.  I loved the message about making the choice to live a great story.  We can't be afraid of taking risks and of listening to and FOLLOWING God's calling.  John Makenzie (our preacher) had a legit balance beam up on stage that he used as a prop.  At one point, he was laying on it, hugging it with his arms and legs...clinging for dear life.  Hilar.  Hope Fellowship is a goooood place!

Our Lifegroup party last night was the bomb.  DELISH food.  Super fun peeps (can't stand that word, but for some reason it fits...).  Ridic games.  Gift giving.  White-elephant hilarity.  Love and so thankful for these guys!

And nowwwww it's Monday and it doesn't even feel like we had a weekend.  Lots of fun though :)

This coming one will be another weekend that feels nothing like a weekend bc....we're moving!! Yippeeeeee...


GabbyRM said...

Sounds like a FUN and BUSY weekend!

amyb said...

Sounds like that would have been a GREAT message for me to hear right about now :) is it download able?