Monday, December 20, 2010


Spent all day Saturday moving.  (posting some pics later) Thx to the Wegs/Selphs/Bradfords for all of your help!! Can't BELIEVE how fast you ppl made it happen!  We really are so thankful for your help!  We feel superrr blessed to have met such insanely generous ppl here!! 

I'm a genius.  I was in charge of getting the utilities switched.  Um. FAIL.  We stayed at the Wegs' all weekend while they were out of town and are sleeping on the floor in our old apartment tonight.  Elec should be on in our house manana.  Like I said...FAIL.  To the Weghorsts: We can not thank you enough for letting us "housesit" this wknd! 

Speaking of FAIL... since we also don't have internet right now, we missed the finale of The Sing Off.  {SADNESS}  Lovelovelovelovelove listening to those ppl make beauuuuutiful acapella music!  And SO bummed I caused us to miss the final show!  I'm inviting myself over to my brother's gf's house to watch her DVRed version.  Thx in advance Allie :)

I lovelove receiving Christmas cards.  Since we're in the middle of a move we aren't getting to enjoy a Christmas-ed out casa this year!  So the cards are basically it.  So if you sent us a card- THANK YOU!!  You have added some major Christmas Cheer to the Bradford fam!

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Wendi said...

Thank you for your sweet comments! I will gladly accept any tips you have for me as we go along. :) Hope you get settled quickly!!