Friday, December 17, 2010

"Is this real life???"

Yesterday I played chauffer for a grrrreat girl!  Aves, Cam & I drove her to the doc and then drove her home later because she had to be put under for a quick little operation!  I was SO looking forward to driving a delirious, loopy post-anesthesia patient home...but was totally disappointed to find that she was 100% with it!  Ha.  Better for her I guess.  Bummer for me :) Love you SNL, but I was hoping for an experience more like this one...

Cam, Aves, & I stopped for a super quick lunch before MY doc apmt and as usual, Avery was making friends with everyone in the joint.  Yelling hi and byebye everytime someone came within 20 yards of her.  

B met me at the doc to take the girls home to nap so that I could take my SNL back home.  Avery was soooooo tired!!  She held on pretty well, we only had a few melt-down moments at the doc.  Even when she is mid-tantrum or in tears she still manages to wave hello, say byebye and blow kisses to all of her spectators.  It's kind of hilarious.

What should have a been a 45-50 minute trek taking the SNL home turned into a 3+ HOUR VOYAGE across Dallas, back, and then back, and then back again.  A set of forgotten keys kinda played into that.  Oops.  Oh well.  We got to chat.  ALOT.  And then I was able to make a quick (not really quick at all) stop into Sprinkles so that B could finally judge for himself the deliciousness that is Sprinkles Cupcakes.

Those cupcakes, along with a bottle of sugary goodness (Big Red), kept B & I company last night as we packed our lives away.  We've still got work to do, but hey- we're gettin there!

Here are some pics from earlier in our week:

apples (or- "appees") are aves' new fav food.  she ovciously couldnt WAIT to get them in her belly :)

a brave attempt @ "cheeeeeese"

pics before naptime are never a good idea...

aw, all better.  thanks big poppy!!

jolly nonni. jolly camo.

aves ADORES uncle yiyi.

future singer/songwriter? ;)
when i finished changing cameron's diaper, i looked over to find ave hard at work!

my super pretty mug i got at our bunco gift exchange! yippeeee! now i might have to pay a visit to anthro to finish off the collection!  there's something about a supercute mug that makes coffee taste EXTRAdelish!

happy aves navigating us through kroger :)

We move manana.  Pumped!!  Happy Friday!!

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Patricia Boettcher said...

Hey girl. I just have to say that I absolutely love reading your blog. You are SO positive and happy and such a great example to other moms. You inspire me to see the good in every situation! Anyway, just wanted to share that :) also, my little O is a social guy too! Isn't it super funny and fun?