Monday, February 2, 2009


Thanks to my friends for the lovvvve! You all are the

Thanks to the Grannis Familia for coming to Tyler last week to hang out, help me register, and keep me and Brian company! Love you :)

Thanks to my grrreat co-workers who are supportive and awesome and prayer warriors :) The encouragement is much-appreciated!

Thanks to my mommy & daddy who are supportive, encouraging, empathetic, and just...always what we need!

Thanks to MarshMarsh and Davey (Brian's parentals). You guys are all of the same things!

Thanks to my shower hostesses who are planning away! I can't wait!

Thanks to the people who talk to me on the phone alll the time :) Don't know what I'd do without someone to chatter to!

Thanks to hub for trusting God, for loving me & Avery, for being exactly what I need alllll theeee timmmmme. I lovvvvve you soooooo much! And I'm proud of you!

Thanks to The Lord for providing what we need. And for loving us all the time, forgiving us for being dumb little humans, giving us hope, and drawing us near!

Thanks to Rileton and Reid for calling me. I like it. It makes me happy :) My bros rock.

Thanks to Brian's friends for making him smile!

Thanks to Kerbey for knowing when we're sad. The hand licks are surprisingly comforting :)

Thanks to whoever invented sports for creating something so entertaining...a much needed distraction sometimes!

And finally, Thanks to Hershey's Chocolate Factory...for making the most delicious thing ever to touch my tongue.

K- those are my "thank yous" for today!



Thankful Paul said...

Hello! :)

Jacci said...

you're adorable. love you!

Jamie said...

way to have a thankful heart as you wait upon the Lord! praying for you guys...God is faithful...He will provide!

Tbaby said...

yea guuuuuuuuuuuuuurl...YOU are the I love coming to your blog. It refreshes me throughout my week:) loooooovvveeee, tbabymama