Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sneaky Ultrasound & Tums

Brian and I found a way to sneak in another ultrasound yesterday! We aren't able to get another at our least not at the expense of our insurance. THey only pay for 2 unless another one is necessary...and we are THANKFUL that we're experiencing no complications that would make a 3rd ultrasound necessary. HOWEVER, we still want to see little Avery's cute little face again!

So, a friend from work hooked me up with a guy's number from the Tyler Junior College sonography department. YAY!! We went in yesterday and got to see various parts of Avery's presh little body for about 45 minutes! Her face is soooo cute. She totally has my nose. Her legs are lonnng and her feet are LARGE!! She's got 3 months for everything to even out though. OH! And we discovered that the little "baby kicks" I thought I had been feeling all the time are actually hiccups! She gets hiccups at least 3 times a day. I love it. After May comes and goes I will miss those little hiccups in my belly.

On a bummer note- I have discovered over the past 2 days that I can no longer consume EITHER caffeine or icing. One or both of these have left me BURNING with indigestion, so today I had neither, and I've been able to steer clear of my handy-dandy Tums all day! Awesome.


Jacci said...

awwwww i had forgotten about the hiccups until just now. i loved those too!

glad you got another ultrasound! how fun. can't wait to see you this weekend!

Jamie said...

what do you eat daily with icing on it? pregnancy craving? =) my indigestion started about this time too and at first was controlled by avoiding certain foods but by the end i got it everytime i ate no matter what even when i took pepcid routinely! i feel for ya and hope yours doesn't get that bad. the hiccups are the best! can you post ultrasound pics? wanna see her cute little face and button nose! excited for your shower on fun!