Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Things

I have had to be pushy at work in order to be allowed to try a new program at our gym. Pushiness has always been out-of-character, but I'm finding this new, undercover headstrong person that I'm slightly unfamiliar with! Well....finally I'm getting a shot. YAYY!! Starting Feb. 9, Premier is presenting Bridal Bootcamp with Roxanne Bradford!! :) I'm superrrr pumped. I KNOW we'll get a good response. Not a big deal to anyone else, I know, but I am EXCITED about it! Can't wait til Feb. 9th.

I 100% love to feel Avery move. I also 100% love showing off my babybump haha. Is that weird? I don't know! But it really is SO fun to go in public with a figure-hugging shirt on. Oh- my Sugar Land (FCCC) shower and my Austin shower are both in the works. EEEE!!! I have to GET ON IT in terms of baby-room planning and everything though. Yikes.

I cannnnn't wait until next Wednesday (tentatively) because Jacci & Scarlett are making a special trip to Tyler to see me! They get to see our casa, and then they're gonna give me their expert input during a Registration trip to Babies'R'Us. Extra pumped.

Tuesday I was soooo tirrrrred. I've been pretty dang tired for the last couple of weeks (Booo) So anyway, I left the kitchen a nasty mess when I went back to work for the afternoon/evening and texted Brian telling him to please ignore it bc it would look beautiful again when I got back from work. I planned on going to Brian's soccer game that night after work because it wasn't until 9, so I would make it JUST in time! I was missing his bball game for work, so 1 out of 2 was the best I could do. He LOVES when I'm at his games. It's cute. However, my post-work plans were soon to change.

1. Brian made sure that after work I went home and got some good food to eat and went to BED. No pressure to go to his game, he wanted me to sleep. Big deal? Big deal. That was Brian being 100% sweet and selfless because he totally wanted me at the game.

2. So- I get home, walk in the kitchen ...and it is SPOTLESS. No dishes in the sink. Trash taken out- new bag in. Clean countertops. Everything back in the pantry. I mean- seriously. Big deal.
3. A few hours earlier in the day, Brian had left me a voicemail saying, "Hey babe- just calling to tell you I love you. Have fun training and I'll see you tonight." I needed it that day. It gave me a much-needed energy boost!

Um...Oscar nom for Best Hub- Brian David Bradford.


Holly Packer said...

Hey Roxanne...I had no idea you were preggers!!! Congrats!! Collin and I are actually expecting too!! It's such a fun and exciting time!! I hope everything is going well!!! Blessings, Holly Packer

Ivy said...

bridal bootcamp! fun fun! youre going to be so awesome at inspiring brides to move it!

what a great hubby you have! SO sweet!

Tbaby said...

Bridal Bootcamp, YES! Brian stepping up and being AMAZING...SCORE! What a guy, that Brian Bradford:) Tell Bubba Tbabe is proud and sends a hug:) Love you Fox

J.Wilson said...

What a sweet hubby and congrats on the baby. U don't know me but I have a girlfriend who lives in Tyler. Would like to email u and swape stories. I personally have no blog but related to The Rose family! Let me know and best to u all! Cute couple!