Sunday, January 25, 2009


I don't think I've shared this on my blog yet, but I know a lot of you are aware of Brian's job status. His company has been planning a large-scale layoff, and Friday is the day! On the 30th, Pfizer is letting all of the Texas reps know who still has a job and who is not so lucky. Please keep us, as well as the thousands of people/families who will be affected by this news in your prayers!! Love you guys/thanks sooo much :)


the tichenor family said...

We have been thinking of you guys. We will be prayerful for the decision this week. I know you know this, but God has a perfect plan and will take care of you guys!

Kayla said...

I Love you & know that whatever happens y'all will make the best of it! PS. why doesn't it say I follow your blog? I read it everyday!?

L KAT said...

thanks for the encouraging words :) i absolutely love reading your blog and am SO excited to hear all about life, love, and baby avery from your beautiful posts! i adore you. shooting up some prayers your way :)

and i can definitely relate - fossil is having to go through a little lay-off as well. "the world has changed!" as everyone seems to say nowadays.

much love,