Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Shoog

Brian came home from his hunting trip a week ago with a little surprise for me: He and my pops had planned a trip to The Shoog for us! Of course, I was pumped. We EVEN planned on spending NYE '09 with Lance and Kayla!!!

So plans didn't quite pan out the way we had hoped, but we had a blast anyway. We got into town MUCH later than anticipated so cancelled plans with L&K. We went to dinner at my favvvv place ever: Benihana. And now I crave it every single day. Awesome. Dinner took so long that we just went home, watched the ball drop on TV, and waited for my party-animal parentals to get home from their night on the town :)

We spent the rest of the week hanging out with my bros before they go back to school, chillin with the parentals, seeing old Shoog friends, watching Kerbey and Tori completely exhaust eachother. The boys golfed, while mom and I went maternity shopping. The boys went to the shooting range, while mom and I went maternity shopping again. FYI- on Thursday of last week, my jeans were all of a sudden MUCH tighter. CRAZYYY/fun :) Yay for the Shoog. Yay for my Curry fam. Yay for 2009. and Yay for my handy-man hub who is a TERRIFIC garbage-disposal-installer. It sure is nice to have my very own personal plumber :)


Jacci said...

OK. you are almost 23 weeks pregs...I wanna see the belly. Even if it is the teeniest of a belly, I wanna see!! Love you!!!

Carrie Jo Howard said...

i second that! I want to see this cute little bump of yours!! :)

Kayla said...

Can't wait to see you soon! It's ok that NYE didn't work out....we have the wedding festivities starting Thursday!! :)

Kellianne said...

Rox - post a belly pic! :)