Saturday, January 24, 2009

God is Good :)

Over the last couple of weeks, God has been moving big time in the blog world. (I guess he's really ALWAYS moving big time...) I love how blogs can connect us to people we would have NEVER known a thing about. We get to know people's stories that we would have otherwise never heard. We get opportunities to support and love and pray for people that we could never have had. It's awesome!!

There are 2 families in particular that I have been praying for over the last couple of weeks.

Bo and Marie Mechinus had their baby, Lyla, 11 weeks early. Both mom & daughter are doing superrrr great, but Marie has been discharged and they're reallyyyy missing their baby girl since she has to stay up at the hospital for a little while longer. I LOVE to read all of their updates about Lyla's progress and all the new things she's able to do everyday. Her sweet little smiles are presh! Even though most of us can't go see Lyla, Bo, & Marie right now, we're totally with you!! ...Thanks to blogger :)

I saw Baby Harper's story through Jacci's and Mer's blogs. Her mom, Kelly, had a totally normal labor and delivery, but then they discovered that Harper couldn't breathe on her own. She had to be life-flighted to...Oklahoma (I think??).. and Kelly has used her blog multiple times a day to beg for prayer. Literally hundreds of thousands of people have found Kelly's blog, commented, prayed, sent support & gifts, etc. If you haven't gone over to visit Kelly's definitely need to.

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Kellianne said...

I totally agree my friend. You can find so many people through the blog world and read their stories and somehow you feel connected to these people that you have never met. I actually was just at Kelly's blog getting the update about Harper. The Mechinus blog is a good one too! Hope you are doing good baby mama!!!