Monday, January 19, 2009

Tbabe Wknd

This weekend was superrr funnnn :) We were in town FINALLY and T-babe came to stay with us! Wknd synopsis:

Friday- We both worked and then went out to Shogun for my DELICIOUS bday dinner with a very random group of my friends (my fav). Loved it. Great night. EXCEPT...they WOULD not sing to me. I think they didn't believe me that it was actually my bday. But they sang to the dude at the table next to us!? It was actually kinda sad...but I got over it. :)

Saturday- I worked in the morning and got home just in time for B and Tbabe to wake up! We had yummy breakfast and L.O.U.N.G.E.D. It was awesome. Played some Rockband (Tbabe is obsessed). Watched UT bball (Hook'em). Brian grilled some amaaazzzzing dinner and we just had a nice day/night at home.

Sunday- Caught an early matinee (Gran review coming soon) and then Brian left town to hunt with one of his buddies. Tbaby and I hung out, chatted, snacked (ALOT), ran some errands, bought some super cool new exercise stuff at Target, I found a way cute maternity dress for under $10, I gave her the grand tour of where I work, and then rockbanded some more that night. Em and Katie came over to have a nice little girls gathering, I stayed up too late, and that was that.

Tbaby left to today to head back to Austin but it was graannnnnddd to just relax and chat and e goofy like the good ol' days @ UT :) LOVE YOU TBABE!!

K... Monday's are my short day so I'm done with work, now on to laundry, taking Kerbs to the park, working out, and cleaninnnggg!

Love <3 belly pic to come soon. Tbabe has to email it to me :)

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Tbaby said...


THIS POST MAKES ME HAPPY:) I love you...thanks again for the super awesome weekend of doing absolutely nothing...and for unleashing the rock band beast on me!!! ahahahahhahahahaha! I love you and i'm emailing you the pic as soon as I feed my starving body:)