Thursday, October 2, 2008

House, Baby, Church, Prayer Req!!

Soooo... we didn't close on Tuesday. It all got pushed back to next week because the mortgage company didn't send us some paperwork til the last second...and then said they needed over a week to process all of it...strange. ANYWAY! We had a minor crisis for half a day...but everything is back on track and going far as we know :) The people we're buying the house from have already moved out and they left us a key, so we're gonna go this weekend and kind of come up with a gameplan for moving and the little bit of decorating that we can do right now.... YAY! I apparently turned green at work. I was training my 8oclock client, who is also one of my favs, and I all of a sudden started feeling iiiccckkyyyyyy. WHEW. Not good. And then Karla asked me if I was okay...because my face was turning green hahaha. It only lasted about 20 minutes and then I felt a million times better. So weird. I'll DEFINITELY take 20 minute bouts of yuckiness over weeks of daily yackage :) If this is the worst of it, then THANK YOU, LORD! I am COMPLETELY pumped to be preg, but it means I have to put a few things on hold. No indoor soccer league. I have to postpone my triathlon training goal. No Christmas ski trip for the Curry Fam. So...a teeny bummer....but SO okay :) Umm...I'd take a baby over ANY of those things without even blinking :)))

K...about this weekend: I'm super sad that I can't be at Nug's FCCC shower!! :( Brian and I have Race4TheCure this weekend so we'll be up all night on Saturday night. Trag. Sorry Nugling!! B and I WILL, however, get to go to church in Tyler for like...the 3rd week in a row. Um...awwwesommme :) Last week we went to Bethel Bible, and really liked it! We'll see. We've narrowed it down to just a select few, so we should be committing to SOMEWHERE before too long. EXCITING.

Rileton has a game in Birmingham this wknd, which is where his ex-girlfriend is at school. I think it will be probably be kind of hard for him to be there, in her territory, know how it is. ANyway- keep him in your prayers!! My parents are in San Diego this week, they're flying home tomorrow, then to Birmingham and back on Saturday, and then off to Mexico for a vacay with some friends on Sunday. Soo....obviously they're doing LOTS of flying. Please keep their safety in your prayers as well.


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Jason and Lindsey said...

I AM SO BEHIND THE TIMES!! I have not read anyone's blog or talked to any fam much at all lately! I had no idea you were preggers!!! I am so PUMPED FOR YOU GUYS!! Yeah!! Love you and am covering you in prayer starting now.