Thursday, October 16, 2008

My windshield is broken.

Soo... I didn't post about LOTS of things I was planning on posting. For example... the Longhorns defeated the #1 team in the nation last weekend, the Sooners, to take over the nation's #1 ranking... AWESOME :) Not only did we win, but it was a superrrrr tremendously entertaining game to watch. Both teams looked great. Lots of offense. Pure bliss :)

Also, Brian's parentals were in town helping us out with the move and mayyyannnn they killed it! We got everything moved. Seriously. Everything. Except the air mattress we slept on in the apartment at the beginning of this week while waiting for the elec/water to be turned on at our house. We have now spent 2 terrific nights in our casa and it is just delightful :) Once I get things a little bit more unpacked I'll take some pics.

Annnnnd- I called to get TV/phone/internet connected and um...their first available date was almost 2 weeks away! Boo. So B and I are TVless, INTERNETless and living the simple life for the week. I mean seriously, WHAT did we do before these amazing technological discoveries. I feel ridiculous, but I seriously feel dazed and confused.

My (& Brian's) co-ed vball team is super fun. GOSH I love volleyball. I totally miss sand volleyball, as it is NOT the most popular thing to do here in Tyler, but indoor is a perfectly acceptable replacement. I even have cool knee pads like the big girls wear, ha.

We go back to the doctor next Wednesday! I'm excited to hear the heartbeat. Yay :) Hopefully they'll give us some more pics and maybe even an awesome 4 second video, haha. We got pics last time, but it looked like a little nut in a heap of black and white swirls. Not the most exciting thing to look at...not quite post-worthy.

I am P-U-M-P-E-D for this weekend. Brian and I are going our separate ways (bummer), but I get to see my paretals (I haven't seen my dad in 3 months!) and Rileton (whom I have also not seen for 3 and my mom who I have only seen 1 time in those 3 months. GEEZ. Uncool. On top of just seeing the fam, I get to attend Rileton's fball game on Saturday, meet his roomies, see his new house, and THEN...he's coming with me to ATX for the UT v. Mizzou fball game!!!! So excited. Hopefully we'll be watching the Horns defend their #1 ranking. I haven't seen Banana or Tbaby in AGES, so that will be terrif. The only downer is that Magen will be outta town that no Moo... she'll be at home celebrating her 24th bday and hopefully welcoming her very first nephew into the world!

I'm NOT thrilled about driving a million hours alone, but the fabbbulous nature of the trip makes it all worth while :)

Shout out to the Blackburn fam...I assume that little Josiah has taken his first breath, and just know that I am PRAYING for you guys and thinking about you and am sooooo excited that your son is finally OUT of your belly and in your arms :)

K...I gotta go meet the windshield guy. My windshield got demolished by a golf ball. I guess it was a farewell gift from the lovely folks at our old apartment. Awesome.


Daniel Smith said...

Seriously, I forgot to tell y'all that I was in town playing golf! Then, when the unfortunate swing of the club went down, I decided to not even call you! Whoops, I guess I'd better keep practicing my golf swing. So sorry. No, I am just kidding. I am sorry your windshield was hit. PS> I miss my friends! I am either going to have to take one for the team and come up there or y'all need to come down here ASAP! TOGETHER!

Power Up Love said...

Golf balls and glass don't go well together.

Tbaby said...

i love you.

Angelica Emmanuel said...

I hope you got your windshield fix by now. LOL. Taking care of a car may be a bit heavy on the pocket, but all of your hard work will be rewarded in the moments you are thankful that you can drive home safely every day. :)