Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Change gonna come...

We signed on our house today!! IT'S OFFICIALLY OURS YIPPPEEEEEE!! So, this weekend the Bradfords are coming to town to help us get to steppin' on the moving process. Yay/not fun...but SUPER fun since it means we get to be in our first house. Gotta pick out paint colors and all that fun stuff too...ahh! Big decisions!

On Monday, I all of a sudden woke up feeling back to my old self again! No nausea, no queeziness...just sleepiness, which is SO totally do-able :) I'm super happy to have my (somewhat) normal appetite back and my face clear of the greenish shade that was becoming normal...

Brian and I are doing the Alzheimer's Walk tomorrow night and the weather has been I'm pumped :) Plus, I haven't worked out for the last month, so I'm super anxious to get some activity back into my life!

My parentals come home from their 2-week jet-setting trip tomorrow and I'm EXCITED because it means I get to talk to them on the phone again. I miss them.

I'm gonna be in Austin the weekend of the 18th and I am THRILLED! I miss that place and haven't been back in forev. PLUS I get to go see Rileton, meet his roommates, and spend Saturday night at his new casa. Fun times. Can't wait. Pray for his hammy...he's having issues...and hamstring issues are NEVER good.

Kerbey is going to become an outside dog (for the most part) when we move, and I honestly think she might go into slight depression. She has become the ULTIMATE snuggler again...just like she was when she was a puppy. When no one else is around, allllll she wants to do (literally) is lay in our laps, snuggle up in a ball, and lounge. I think she might sense my pregnancy...the change in my hormones or SOMETHING because she literally will NOT get more than 6 inches away from my stomach when I don't push her away. Presh. Our dog is the bomb.

I'm having a slumber party at my new casa sometime after we move for all of the girls at work. I. CAN'T. WAIT. Ahhhh having a house that is entertaining-friendly will be sooooooooooooo terrific! It will change our lives, and Brian and I are pumped. We are already dreaming about the many-a-football watching bash we will host. And our UT-devoted office right by the front door will be the perfect greeting for all our guests.

Hope hump-day is a sign of a GREAT weekend to come for all of you guys. Love :)

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Jacci said...

Woody was the exact same way when I was pregnant! I definitely think they can sense it. when we would go to the dog park woody wouldn't let any dog come near me, like he was being super protective. and he never cared about laying with robert. just me.

oh...and woody became an "outside" dog when we bought our house too. basically we just don't let him stay in while we were gone or if we have company over. he was depressed for a while...all dogs get depressed when they move period, but kerbs will get over it!

glad you're feeling much better!! does this mean you're in the 2nd trimester? hooray! and hooray for the house and EVERYTHING that's going on. it's so good to hear you so happy! we want pics of the house!

love yoooou!!