Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Windy City

Rachey and I spent this past weekend in Chicago. SUCHHHH a great place! Seriously, I totally would LOVE to live there. It's a major city, ON the lake, WITH little beaches on the lake, LOTS of sand volleyball, you can walk pretty much everywhere, tons of teeeerrific shopping, people milling about all over the place....it rocks :) My momma and I stayed right smack in the middle of the "Magnificent Mile" and had a blast eating at cute little cafes, shopping our little hearts out, biking all around the lake and different parks, and just chatting about everything you can imagine. OH! And I was able to check another major stadium off my list: Wrigley Field!! Cool place...really old school :) Cubs fans are amazingly nice! I was impressed.

THANKS MOMMA for a suuuuper great trip. I had a BLAST hanging out with you :) You're the best. Can't wait to do it again! Oh, and thanks again, SO MUCH, for cleaning my kitchen when we got back :)

I don't feel like uploading pics from my camera right now, so I'll post some pics later on.

Umm...we close on our house in a week! Yayyyyyy!!! SO excited!!

The only bad news I have to share is that I lost in BOTH of my fantasy leagues this week. BUMMER. And both by less than 6 points. So flipping annoying.

K, hope everyone is doing really well. Love you all. I hate keeping in touch SOLELY through our blogs, but hey, it's FAR better than losing touch all together :)

Love <3

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