Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11, Ike, UT football...and stuff :)

Like Jacci said...I can't believe 9/11 was 7 years ago! It's so crazy how uneffected I felt all day until I tried to force myself to muster up some of the feelings I felt back on that day. I remember in the aftermath of that day feeling so comforted by how America had come together. It was really cool. And I ALSO remember wondering how long it would last, knowing that in the coming years...9/11 would become just like every other trying time in our country's history....just that...History. It's kind of sad that we can so quickly forget the "important things" when life gets easy again..or, well...less tragic.

On a brighter note, I do LOVE the way people in the US can pack up, leave their homes & flee for a safer place...and KNOW that there is someone somewhere waiting with open arms to provide them with whatever they need to make it. Pretty cool place we live in, huh?

About this weekend and the whole "Ike" sitch... I'm super thankful that Brian and I aren't really threatened by the most damaging part of the storm, but I'm selfishly BUMMED that the UT game got cancelled and Nug's shower got cancelled too! I was SO looking forward to our first trip in the Atx in months. Oh well...I'm excited for another weekend of laying low at home. And I'm praying for everyone who doesn't have the luxury of a worry-free weekend! Love you guys. To those of you further south: be safe and know that you're in our prayers!

Last thing, my nursing school app is due on Monday! I finally got every last thing done and collected and put application status is now OFFICIAL! yay :) If I get accepted for the spring I would start in January and then have the summer off (UT Tyler doesn't offer summer classes for nursing school or I would be allllll up in that business). Anyway, if I DON'T get accepted for the spring, I would be bumped to the fall...bummer, but oh well. I'm not worried about it because I know that it's all for the best...but I am ANXIOUS to know where I'll be come January!

K... here's to a weekend of couch-lounging, football-watching bliss!

Peace & Love :)

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