Thursday, November 12, 2009

SOAPBOX: Taylor Style

Okay. So I keep seeing all of this stuff about Taylor Swift:
"STOP with the shocked faces already"
"she KNOWS she's going to win...stop acting like it's surprising"
"how annoying was Taylor's 'shocked face' when she won...does that same thing eevvvery time"

My opinion?
Yes, she usually wins what she's nominated for. And, yes, she makes the same surprised face every time she wins...she's breathless every time...nearly speechless.

DUDE. The girl is freaking NINETEEN YEARS OLD. Yes, she's insanely successful. But she is a normal, teenage, human being. She is up against LEGENDS that she has listened to and idolized her ENTIRE life. The awards she wins continue to get bigger & better. She's basically living a fairy tale. SOOOOO- I'm sure it takes her breath away pretty much every time her name is called. Last night she became the YOUNGEST ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR EVERRRR. Kind of exciting/surreal? Ummmm........YES.

Get OFF the girl's back people. She's pumped. Her dream is totally coming true, which will never happen for most of us. Let her be stoked and shocked and breathless and just be happy for the child.

Seriously.  Driving me nuts.  Calm down people.
mmk.  that's all. i feel better now :)


Michelle said...

:) amen.

The Keierleber Family said...

No kidding! also, did you hear what W JUDD said about her? Jealous much?

TS is really talented, and totally deserves every award she received! I just watched her music videos for the first time a couple of days ago, and I am def a fan now! :)

Anonymous said...

could not agree more!

gabbyrm said...

Yeah, I like Taylor Swift no matter what anyone says. They're just jealous.

Chuck and Ambre said...

Agree 100%! BTW... We love Taylor at our house. Jolie will be crying in the car so I turn on Taylor and she stops -- It is crazy but it works every time. So... Taylor is a lifesaver!

L-Kat said...

she sings with john mayer on a song from his new album, Battle Studies. the song is "half of my heart" and it's blowing-my-mind-beautiful.