Monday, November 9, 2009

ByeBye Blackberry :(


I lost my phone this wknd at my bro's Fball game in san antonio. DEPRESSING. I think I left in the stands and no one turned it in...and it's not in the stands anymore.

Soooo...I'm thinking someone jacked my cellular :( Whoever you are- enjoy your free crackberry!!

Thank GOODNESS we insure our phones...I've got a replacement arriving tomorrow, which is AWESOME. But it will have no pics, no videos, & NO contacts in it...which is NOT so awesome :( Oh wellllllll... could be worse!

Oh...& about my terrible wedding date mix up...there is ONE positive in there. Brian, Aves & I will now get to attend Riley's last Fball game EVER...AND we'll get to see Reidster play rugby in Dallas!! Holla :)


The Wife said...

Hate that you lost your phone but yay for insurance!

Kayla said...

Good for you for having phone insurance! I always say no to all insurance offers in the store and know it's going to haunt me someday!! Sorry about all your pics!

Abby Kreck said...

Thank goodness for insurance! At least you get a new one soon!