Friday, November 20, 2009


  • I got a TERRIFIC recommendation from a few ppl, so I now have the new John Mayer album, and it is AWESOME.
  • We are heading to AUSTINNNNNN in a few hours for the wknd to see the last home game & to celebrate Brian's dad's bday!  Best city in America, people.  Can't wait to get me some Austin Java.
  •  I discovered this wk that my old friend, Lisa, lives MAYBE 10 minutes away from us.  I'm excited to get to spend some time with her!
  • One of the people I miss the MOSSSST in Tyler, my ex-manager Amanda, is due in ONE WEEK!  She has had a year of miracles:  a lonnnnng-awaited baby, and a husband who was diagnosed with lymphoma..and then healed quickly!! True miracle.  CANNOT wait to meet Brennan!!
  • I took Kerbey to get the shots she was due for and our experience at the vet was HORRIFYING. My sweet little doggy completely and totally FLIPPED out.  Every time they tried to touch her she went NUTS.  They made me muzzle her bc she was going so insane, and then she almost passed out bc she was literally having a panic attack.  It was the weirdest thing...she has NEVER done that.  And it was the SADDEST thing bc she was scared almost to death!!
  • Imogen Heap was here this week, and I missed it.  BUMMERRRRR.  One of my roomies/fav ppl, Hannah-Banana, introduced me to them in college...she was obsessed.  And so I developed a short-lived obsession.  Although I'm not longer addicted, I would have been SOOOOO ridiculously pumped to see the concert.  Oh well.  Next time, perhaps.
  • I was supposed to have an interview on Wed for a job I'm PUMPED about...and it got pushed back 2 weeks.  Sad!
  • I miss Nug & Kayla.
  • A friend's daddy has cancer.  Just found out a couple of days ago.  PRAYERS!!
  • Cancer sucks.


Kelly said...

I totally listened to "Goodnight and Go" this morning by Imogen! LOVE that song! :-) Sad news on your puppy, hopefully she's recovered! Have a safe and fun trip to Austin!

The Keierleber Family said...

Jersey got traumatized at Petco groomers, so now whenever we got to the groomers or the vet he freaks. He always has to get muzzled, and it is SO sad. The first time I had to fight back tears. Yes, I am pathetic, whatev. lol