Wednesday, November 4, 2009


MAN it feels good to be productive.

Today's To-Do List:
  • Organize master closet.
  • Organize guest bath.
  • Finish ALL laundry...not just some.
  • Start the disaster area that is the guestroom.
  • Fax to insurance co.
  • Mail keys to new homeowners.
  • Take Kerbs to dogpark.
  • Unpack all pic frames.
  • Order pics.
  • Work on dad's bday present.
  • Finish walls in office nook.
  • Hang shelves in living room.
  • Hang curtains.
  • Schedule Avie's 6-mo apmnt.
  • Get shot records faxed.
  • Make zucchini bread.
  • APPLY for JOBS!!
Got lots done!!  Ave took 2 naps today...yay!  Each about an hour long which DEF helped my efforts :)  Kerbey & Aves had a blast at the dog park and we even made a new friend (a human & a puppy friend).  Avery made it very clear when she was ready to go though.  ANNNNNND-

I have 2 job interviews! YAY!! Both with gyms.  One is with Bally and the other is with Lifetime.  Never stepped foot inside of either...but I'm pumped :)  Now just gotta get some childcare lined up...

Happy Humpday Homegirls :)


Elle Squared said...

Congrats on the productivity and the interviews!

modern pendant light said...

wow you finished your list way better than i did.

Jacci said...

way to go mama. you're a rockstar. i wish i could be your childcare!! :) love you, praying for your interviews!

Kelly said...

Way to go with the interviews! :-) Our gym is Lifetime and we LOVE it! GOOD luck!

the tichenor family said...

Good job mama... feels good to cross off the to-do list! Beautiful picture of Avery.

Congrats on the interviews... we love Lifetime, it's a great gym! I'll be praying for the perfect place for you and for Miss A!