Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cameron: 7 Months!!

Ohhhhh Camo.  I love you soooo very much little lovebug :)
  • Crawling everywhere.  FAST.
  • Pulls up to stand.  Gets better at it everyday. ...although she's currently rocking a couple of bruises bc she hasnt quite mastered the getting down part yet.
  • When I leave the room, she immediately notices and starts crawling around the house looking for me :)
  • She  LOVVVES when Aves has friends over.  Totally wants to be with the big kids.  
  • Adores her big sis.
  • Likes every type of fruit/veggie we've tried, but won't eat pears for breakfast.  Kind of strange...
  • Is NOT a fan of the car/carseat.  Bummer.
  • If you're wearing a necklace, she will try to eat it.  Without fail.
  • LOVES to pull Avery's hair.  
  • Loves bathtime...particularly chewing on Avery's bath letters.
  • Rocks back & forth like crazy when she gets excited.
  • Ticklish like her sis...but her laugh (if you can even call it that) is hilarious.  It's more like a growl.  Reallyyyyy entertaining.
  • Has had some major runny nose issues most of her life.
  • Still just has 2 teeth on the bottom :)
  • LOVE MY BABY MUNCHKIN!!!!!  Brings me ridiculous amounts of joy :)

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