Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Aves has been hanging out in her crib (and sometimes actually sleeping) a ton lately.  I'm not 100% sure if it's because she doesn't feel well or because she only gets her paci when she's sleeping OR because she's got more teeth coming in.  Who knows.  She definitely doesn't feel well though.  Poor child.  She started begggginggg to go to bed at 5:45 tonight!  I held her off until 6:50 and finally let her go down.  Haven't heard a peep since.  I'm bracing myself for a bright and early wake up call manana.
Camo has had SO much trouble sleeping because of her congestion!  A couple of nights ago she was completely mizzz.  SO sad.  I sat on the couch for a few hours during the night and let her sleep sitting up/leaning against my chest.  Then, the next morning she finallyyyy fell into a deep enough sleep that she napped for over 3 hours!!!  Much needed sleep for that munchkin.  She is def doing a bit better...we got a more intense humidifier that def seems to be helping in the breathing department :)

Both girls ate better today, which is a good sign!  So ready for my little sweet peas to feel better!  It's so sad to see your little babies feeling so miserable!  They can't really communicate what their aches & pains are, so it makes me feel SO helpless :(  Like I said though, we're getting there :)

Oh, and ps- bad news bears.  I was a little premature in thinking the girls were all better over the weekend, so we had Carson over to spend the night on Monday night.  Um...come Tuesday night, he AND his daddy were sick!  And still are I think!! SOOOO sorry Simants familia!!  We love you guys and totally didn't realize we were still all germified up in the Bradford casa.  Whoops.  Lesson learned.

Oh, AND earlier today I went on a little joggy-jog with the girls in tow.  I got in a nice little groove, and then my phone rang.  Kerbey got out.  BUMMERRRRR.  Had to turn around early to get back to that dang/sweet dog.  We are having big time digging problems with her since we moved.  Anytime we go in the front yard, she digs out!  AH!!  Not sure how to prevent this little problemo except to chain her up when we head outdoors.  So sad!

I went on a cleaning frenzy tonight trying to de-germify the house.  Didn't quite finish, but will continue manana.  I should probably wait until the coughing ceases before putting TOO much effort into it :)

Happy Wednesday my fraaannnnds!!

I am SO looking forward to a night of FUN hang out time w/my Lifegroup Loves tomorrow night!! (unless, of course, my girls still aren't up to it)

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