Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wknd Recap

This wknd was fun!!  Me and Ave waited around til B got home on Friday so we could head to Keller to hang out with Brian's co-workers for the night!  Super fun.
We passed the time by coloring.

Avery loved on her baby sis a little bit...she has become increasingly interested in my big belly.  She always lifts up my shirt, pokes my belly, and gives it hugs.  I don't think she's capable of understanding what's in there...but apparently she knows there's SOMETHING weird about it...

That night involved lots of pool time for the kiddos. 
Avery loved swimming with her daddy :)
On Saturday we slept in, lounged, watched US soccer (bummer!), I napped and we went to the pool at our apartment, which always turns into playing in the dirt!

Post-pool shot.

Avery loves to check out her hot bod in the mirror.

Cheesin' for the camera.

We went to D&B for dinner Sat night...YUM!, indulged in some choc fondue for dessert, and let Avery run around the mall for a little bit before heading home and hittin' the sack!

Sunday we slept in (again...Ave has decided to sleep past 8 every day this week...which I LOVE!), went to 10:45 church, and I headed to meet Kayla to do some bridesmaid dress shopping!  We found the winners pretty quickly- YAY!  After daddy left for golf, I shared my shades with Averton on our trip to the sno-cone stand in McKinney.  NO wknd is complete without a sno cone!!

This was Averton's face when I told her our sno-cone was all gone.  I guess she can tell when I'm lying :)

Now the munchkin is in bed, and I'm probably not far behind!  My mom comes into town manana and I'm EXCIIIITEDDD! 

OH!  And, I'm officially full of last Thursday.  Almost there!


Jenn said...

CUTE pics!!!

haha the last one is TOO funny!!

Anonymous said...

I love checking out her hot bod too