Thursday, June 10, 2010

Brian's 30th in Pictures

Good morning Daddy!
The Special Bday Plate!
Yummy bday breakfast of waffles w/strawberries & whipped cream!
Bday shtuff :)
The Blue Cake
Before dinner w/friends @ Carino's!
Kayla & Noah met us @ Carino's
Avery gave Kayla the greatest hug ever and would NOT let go!
Aunt Ames made the journey north!  What a great sis!
Fam after dinner.  Ave was SO ready to go home and go to bed.  She was quite the crankster at the restaurant :)
In San A @ Pappasito's.  Chris & Brian ordered the girliest drinks in America.
Our fav couple- Chris & Kylee who joined for a fun wknd celebrating B's 30s!!
Us WITHOUT Ave...weird.
2 of these manly drinks adorned our tabletop all night. 
The Birthday Boy- how cute :)
After lunch on Monday!
Byebye to a TERRIFIC wknd w/friends! Not to mention a gorgeous view of the Texas hill country :)

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Jacci said...

aww happy birthday to b.rizzle -- love the cards you made him. your handwriting should be a font!! love you!!