Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oh that's right...I AM pregnant!

I have been so incredibly UNfocused on this pregnancy.  With Avery...we were ALLL about the fact that I was preg.  Everything seemed to revolve around it.  We talked about it non-stop...talked about "when Avery comes" alllll the time.  I constantly thought about the baby in my belly!  Well- this pregnancy has been completely and totally different.

I think because of the stage Avery is at, I have been 98% focused on her and about 2% focused on my belly.  It's not like I haven't been taken of myself & Cameron- but it's just been so different!  Because of that- I have totally NOT documented the details of this pregnancy.  SO...I've gotta play catch up I guess!

I have one belly pic.  It's from 32 wks 3 days.  I'll take another one tomorrow @ 35 weeks!  Better late than never, right? Ha.

This pregnancy:
  • has been pretty dang easy, just like my first one.
  • I never got sick...just felt a little queezy for a few wks at the beginning
  • I didn't even find out I was pregnant until I was 10 or 11 wks along!
  • Cameron was conceived while I was transitioning from breastfeeding.  So be careful! Ha :)
  • We settled on the name Cameron pretty easily, but struggled forever on the middle name!
  • I never set any kind of goal for weight gain with this one and have ended up gaining significantly less!  I attribute that to the fact that I run around with Aves non stop.  And @ mealtime I'm much more worried about her meal than my own, so I rarely overeat/oversnack (which is a huge change haha)
  • My groin pain hasn't been a problem like it was with the first..just some lingering pain here and there.  Thank you Jesus!!
  • Cameron moves NON STOP it seems.  I thought Avery was active, but Cameron has her totally beat.  By a LOT.
  • Cameron always has a crazy dance fest in my belly right around 11pm.  EVERY night.  Just like Aves did!  Cute :)
  • Because Avery has fallen SO in love with country  music videos, I'm afraid that Cameron has no choice but to be a country music lover.  I'm trying to vary her music choices here recently though lol.
  • I feel like Cameron sits much lower in my belly.  I've experienced much more pelvic pressure than I did with Avery, and much LESS pain around my sternum.  Give and take :)
  • I don't nap near as much...or at least I hadn't been.  BUT- this last week I have resolved to nap during at least one of Avery's 2 daytime naps.
  • I've had some lower back issues a few times throughout this pregnancy. They've always lasted 24-48 hours, so that's not so bad!  But I never had any issues with Avery!  Im positive it's because I never got back into great shape after Avery was born so my core is WEAK!
  • This last month will be tough.  I am all of a sudden feeling drained of energy.  It's even becoming somewhat of a challenge to just walk around with Aves in her stroller.  SAD!! Thank goodness B is willing to be a huge help!
I'm getting super excited about Cameron's arrival!  Her crib, mattress, and the rest of her bedding should be here sometime next will be really weird to have cribs in our house!  I'm totally hoping Aves loves her baby sister and has fun hanging out with her instead of feeling like she's stealing her attention away.

Next on my list is to figure out super cute little matchy matchy outfits for Camo & Aves to wear home from the hospital!  AND to wear for their first pic sesh together! AH!  So exciting. 

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the tichenor family said...

What is Cam's middle name going to be? I remember one that you were thinking, but didn't know if it had changed.

You look beautiful sweet mama... yay for an easy pregnancy! Can't wait to meet angel baby girl #2.