Saturday, June 5, 2010

30th Bday Wknd!!

This is late.  I was trying to wait til I could get the pics uploaded, but I'm still having camera difficulties. Boo.

We spent Memorial Day wknd in San Antonio wtih some super great friends, Chris & Kylee.  My parents kept Averton for us, and it was PHENOM!  We stayed in my dad's apartment, slept in, made yummy breakfasts, the boys played LOTS of golf @ some super great courses, Kylee & I treated ourselves to a spa pedi @ The Woodhouse Spa (I highly recommend!!), we layed out- preg belly & all, we shopped @ The Quarry, went out to Pappsito's & Carraba's (2 of B's favs), and then headed to F-burg to spend our last night/day with my parents & Aves.

Thanks to my parents for providing some super awesome accommodations for us, and for watching our babygirl so that we could just enjoy eachother's company!   Avery had a blast hanging out with her Nonni & Big Poppy and even got to spend a day with the Reidster!

On the back porch one morning with Big Poppy
PJ Twinkies!
Splish Splashin in the pool
Enjoying the gorgeous view!!
Giving Uncle Reidy a break from his hardwork on the land!
Sportin' her Pura Vida's still a little big :)
Little angel ready for church!
Stroller time w/Nonni!
Little flower child :)

Kylee & Chris were our first official visitors to the house in F-burg!  So exciting! Can't wait to have them back for more than just one night...and maybe next time you won't have to sleep in the twin beds haha.
Monday after my parents treated us to a yummy burger lunch!
Family photo by the firepit
Our first Pura Vida excursion!

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