Wednesday, June 9, 2010

13 Months!!

Sweet baby girl is 13 months old!  Here's what's up:
  •  she's still teeny.  
  • wears mostly 12mo clothes, still fits in some of her 9mo clothes
  • drinks whole milk...still from a bottle!  she'll ONLY drink it warm.  morning and night
  • still won't drink cold milk
  • we recently discovered she likes lemonade
  • has become a little more picky about what she eats...i think bc she has figured out that she can just chunk her food onto the floor if it's not what she's in the mood for!  
  • she is definitely understanding "no-no" and usually listens to us when we say it
  • she perfected the tantrum, but hasn't thrown one in a few days...sweet!
  • she's sleeping about 11 hrs a night again.  wakes up at 630ish every morning, yells, and then goes back to sleep for another hour (awesome!)
  • 2 naps a day- yay!  sometimes 45 minutes, sometimes 3 hours! ha- she's an unpredictable little thing!
  • LOVES the mall playground and can finally climb and hang with the big kids without me having to stay 6 inches away from her at all times.
  • blows kisses, waves/says "byebye", gives kisses, and LOVVVES to give hugs!
  • was a bit hesitant to go to the nursery, which has never happened- but once we were out of sight she loved it as usual!
  • new food loves:  pb crackers, goldfish, bananas!!!, bean burritos, chicken/cheese quesadillas
  • had her first wknd away from mommy & daddy and had a great time!
  • has acknowledged my belly for the first time and has started pointing to it and laying on it sometimes!  cute!  already loving her little sis :)
chillin in her UT recliner
storytime w mommy!  she loves her books :)
playing with her new alphabet bathtoys from Nonni... but she's a little MORE focused on eating that animal cracker :)

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    the tichenor family said...

    I can't believe she's so teeny tiny! Carson was a HUGE chunk of a child. She's just precious, yay for acknowledging baby sis. Love you mama!