Thursday, June 3, 2010

Anniversary Surprise!!

So yesterday, B came home with some super pretty flowers, a hilar card, the 3rd Glee CD (yay!) and a suggestion to go to dinner around 6ish.  We had just spent a weekend away from Ave so I was okay with the idea of celebrating our anniversary dinner with her at our side ha.  Well...just before we were about to head out, Amy showed up as our surprise babysitter!! Way to go, B!  B wouldn't tell me where we were headed...turns out he made surprise reservations to my FAVVVVVVVV- THE MELTING POT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Um- good thing I hadn't done a ton of snacking.  I was superrrrr pumped and it did NOT disappoint!  Thanks to my hubster for planning a COMPLETELY surprise evening, arranging a babysitter, and making me feel specialllll and pampered on our anni!  Love you boo.

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