Saturday, June 19, 2010

World Cuppage


I played soccer growing's DEF my fav sport to play!  HOWEV, I have never been a huge fan of professional soccer.  If ESPN had always covered soccer then I'm sure I would have watched, but my spectating time has always been dominated by baseball, football, basketball...etc.  Not until the MLS came along did I really begin to become a fan of professional soccer.

The World Cup, however, is a different story.  It's kind of like the Olympics.  A worldwide competition.  AWESOME.  The US team has been making me CRAZY so far!  Our match with England was super exciting...a draw was a MORE than acceptable outcome.  But then- game 2 vs Slovenia was just craziness!  I freaked Avery out more than once by jumping up off the couch and shrieking in excitement/disapproval/shock....

We've been watching pretty much any match that comes on, but this weekend we've got some competition going on in our house.  We only have 1 TV, and we've got the World Cup AND the US Open.  Usually, I'd be all about watching golf...but I can't give up my World Cuppage.  Not to mention that the college world series is starting!  If the Horns hadn't blown it, our house would REALLY be in a bind!  Maybe it's time to sell one (or both!) of our MASSIVE TVs that are sitting out in the garage and invest in a nice, small TV set suitable for our bedroom.

I can't believe that one month's worth of soccer MIGHT be justifying the purchase of a new TV :)

GO USA!!!!!!!!!!
GO PHIL!!...although i don't really care THAT much who ends up winning the US Open :)

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