Tuesday, June 8, 2010


So I've started having some days where I'm just straight up UNCOMFORTABLE.  Not very many, but there have been 3 or 4 of late.  Today was one of them.  Brian has been a huge help on days like this one, and my sweet girl was a super huge help too!  She was totally cool with just letting her momma lay on the couch while she ran around the living room.  She would bring me different toys every few minutes so I could just play with her from where I was at and didn't throw one single tantrum that required me to bend down and lift her.  THANKS AVERTON!  Not to mention...the child took 2 naps totalling a little over 5 hours of daytime sleep today!  B has made really yummy dinners the past 2 nights and even had Avery duty pretty much all afternoon/night yesterday so that I could go to my first "Bunco Night" that some friends have just started up here in McKinney! (Yay for socializing with adult females!)  Thanks hubster!

I have definitely felt better as the day has gone on...I guess there's something to the whole "listen to your body" thing.  It's just kind of a challenge to do so when I have an energetic little 1-yr-old who would SO rather me listen to HER than to my body haha.

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Wendi said...

I tried to comment the other night, but Blogger was acting weird. Anyways, happy anniversary! We love The Melting Pot. Where are y'all going to church in McKinney?