Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cameron Lily

First off... this is for you, dad:

As of today (35 wks & 5 days) Cameron weighs 6lb 7oz and has a "big round head" haha. I guess she won't be born with a teeny little pea-head like Avery was! Doc says everything looks great, just rest up until she gets here! If she hasn't made her debut by July 15th, they'll go ahead & induce on that day. Scary! Please come before that little munchkin!

I've made a little bit of progress in Cameron's room, but man- my body is struggling! Yesterday I felt awesome, but I didn't get a TON done because Ave & I had a packed agenda. Today I had the time, but my body was NOT up for anything...it was a chore just to walk, ha. Thank goodness my sweet friend Casey watched Ave for me during the doc appointment. Can't wait to see the pics of she and Tatum hangin' out!

Oh...and if you didn't already notice in the title of this post, Cameron OFFICIALLY has a middle name. FINALLY! Yay! I struggled forev and had a few that I switched betw a million times...but none of them stuck. I had the confirmation of 3 of my besties (thanks Nug, Kayla & Loobs!) @ this name selection...AND it's my fav flower. So...basically...it's perfect :)
Can't wait to meet our little Cameron Lily Bradford yippeeeee!!


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

The new layout is SOOOO fancy!! I love it, and I think Lily is just perfect for sweet Cameron's middle name. AND, if I have to say so myself .... I AM JEALOUS of your skinny pregnant body. Granted I am not birthing a baby in my belly, but I hope to look like you when I do -- LOL!!!!!! xoxo

Jenn said...

Ok so Ignore my last comment.. Just saw these pics.. Super cute room!!