Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today I woke up feeling MUCH better than I had the last couple of days! YAY! It helped that Avery was in a super happy dancey mood!
We took Kerbs on a long walk...Aves is getting really good at holding my hand on our walks instead of constantly trying to pull away and run a muck in the streets of our apt complex. It makes walks much more do-able!

I finally got the camera's memory card to start functioning again...and didn't lost any pics in the process- yayyyy!!  Super happy about that.

I took Averton to the mall to play, but she was NOT interested...for the first time ever.  She just stood there like this the whole time. 
Because she was incredibly uninterested in playing, she just tagged along with me while I shopped for almost 2 hours!  WHOA.  I never shop.  I just browsed Gymboree (forev) and then we headed to JoAnn's where I purchased a couple of cute fabrics to use for some nice little matchy matchy iron-ons for Aves & Cameron!  (Thanks for the idea, Mer)

We grabbed a quick bit @ a new Vietnamese bistro tonight...B & I weren't that impressed.  Oh well.  Then we came home and once Aves went to bed...put the new crib together! Yayyyy!  The crib and mattress arrived today by surprise...they weren't supposed to come til next I'm pretty pumped that we got that knocked out.
Oh...and btw- Cameron officially has a middle name.  I'll let ya know what it is some time next week.  :)

OH!  And here's my 35-wk belly!


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

How in the world is it possible that you are already 35 weeks!! You look AMAAAZING!

Lindsay said...

I think A looks a lot like your mom in that top picture!