Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Fit Foods

I totally didn't realize there was a "My Fit Foods" in the Dallas area!  Anyone ever been there?  I am thinking this would be an absolutely awwwesome place to recommend clients to!  One of the biggest complaints I get as a trainer is that eating healthy takes "too much effort, too much time, too much planning, too much money...." blah blah blah.  Understandable...but there are ways AROUND these obstacles.

So anyway...any "My Fit Foods" lovers out there?  Is it pricey?  Is it easy?  Talk to me!


Anonymous said...

My Fit Foods is all about portion sizes and honestly, they are rather small and unsatisfying sizes. If someone is needing quick and easy meal ideas, I love the cook book, Cooking Light- Fresh Food Fast (5 ingredients in 15 mins or less). Eating healthy can be expenisve, but My Fit Foods is not an inexpensive quick fix. Prices are high for what you are getting. They would be better off prepping meals ahead for the week on a Sunday and placing in the freezer or refrigerator for the rest of the week. Proteins like chicken and shrimp can stay in the fridge for like 3 days and are great to add to whole grain pasta, lettuce for salads, or just by themselves with vegetables. Frozen vegetables are good to keep on hand too, all types and you don't have to worry about purchasing a ton of fresh veggies and not using them all before going bad! I love that you are a trainer, that's such an awesome profession. Good luck with suggestions for your clients :)

Tbaby said...

i love my fit foooooooods...i'm buying a few meals to carry me through the week is bomb. good food, a LITTLE pricey, but totally worth not having to do anything but use a microwave to eat yummy, healthy food. Tells you all about calories, and important stuff you wanna know...there's dishes for bfast lunch and dinner and they have them separated for men and women...there's some chicken with sweet potato and green bean dish that i like...well, i pretty much like everything I've gotten from them.. heard about them from groupon last year working w/ the P when I was all about health and being awesome...DO IT.

and i just read the above post. woops. well, you know me...lazy bum. but i guess everyone has their fit foods still makes me happy:) although i don't go there all the time...