Monday, November 15, 2010

Cameron: 4 Months

The baby munchkin is 4 months old! I'm serious.  Time actually goes by THAT fast.  Camo is so much different than Aves was at this age.  (updates coming after doc appointment manana!)

HEIGHT- 26 in-  80%
WEIGHT- 13lb 14oz- 56%
HEAD- 16in-  43%

  • eats at LEAST every 3 hours
  • gets up 2-3 times/night to eat
  • doesn't ever seem REALLY satisfied
  • starting with night time routine (hopefully it works!)
  • naps randomly throughout the day
  • totally not a schedule
  • LOVES rainforest playmat
  • likes the jumperoo for short bits of time
  • sleeps like a champ in her vibratey bouncer
  • is sooooo curious about evvvverything
  • always wants to be facing the room so she doesn't miss anything!
  • cries when she's sick of whatever she's doing...REALLY loud... and then is allll smiles as soon as she's got my attention :)
  • gives mommy lots of big smiles!!
  • we canNOT get her to giggle for the LOVE!  we have tried desperately and all we get is this hilarious giant smile/choking sound.  SO funny.
  • loves leo the lion, just like her seester did
  • sleeps on her back.  always.
  • still likes to be somewhat swaddled
  • not a huge paci lover....but liking it more and more.  not sure how i feel about this one.  maybe i should take it away now...before it's too late!!
  • has not rolled over.  hasnt even come CLOSE. 
  • not a huge fan of tummy time, but is starting to handle it for a bit longer now :)
  • tries to attack every single thing that comes within 6 inches of her face. 
  • grabs at pretty much everything
  • intrigued by the computer screen, cellular, TV
  • loves "twinkle twinkle"'s her song...kind of like aves and "buttercup"
  • loves her big sis!! loves watching her every move.  makes me happy.
  • kicks like crazy all of a sudden
  • is starting to kinda sorta bounce a little bit in her jumperoo
  • seems to like bathtime, but not when im pouring water on her head. weird.
  • had a terrrible yeast infection/diaper rash for about 2.5 weeks.  FINALLY gone.  thank you, lotrimin!
  • likes her swing to go side to side
  • definitely seems to get overstimulated's hard to keep that from happening when i've got a gooftroop 18 month old around all the time!
LOVE YOU LITTLE CAMERTON!!  Mommy, Daddy & Aves are loving watching you grow and develop.  I know you don't get alllll of my attention the way Avery did, but I love you sooooo so very much and absolutely adore my time with you :)  You bless our lives and we thank God for creating you so perfectly and for giving you to US!!

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