Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Butternut Squash & Mean Boys

I love squash.  In fact, I love most veggies.  Some type of lean meat with a side (or 2 or 3) of steamed veggies is pretty much my fav dinner.  So....WHYYYY have I never bought butternut squash!!?  Okay.  EASIEST.THING.EVER.  Cut it in half.  Scoop out the seeds.  Bake it in a bit of water until tender.  Scoop out the deliciousness and ENJOY!!  It tastes like dessert.  Seriously.  AMAZINGNESS in my mouth.  Kind of like sweet potatoes.  No butter/salt/spices/sugar needed...even for you picky people out there!

On another note, we've had 2 cold rainy days here in a row.  Yesterday was awesome.  Today, Aves started going a little stir crazy, so we headed out to the mall to B&N and to play at the playground.  All was going great until some cute little boy started attacking Avery.  Literally.  She was in his way, so he wound up and just started slapping her on the head and face.  HARD.  Then a few minutes later he did it again.  But this time I informed this poor confused soul that it's not nice to hit.  He just said, "Hi!!" and ran off.  Over the next 20 minutes all of the mortified parents watched as this child did the same thing to 5 or 6 other little kids.  He'd hit them in the face or knock them down or straight up body slam them.  Finally I asked him where his mommy or daddy was and he some other language.  Like...a real other language, not baby talk.  So I gave up and just made sure Aves didn't get too close.  A few minutes later, a cute little woman came out of nowhere to claim him.  ARE YOU SERIOUS???  This girl dropped her kid off at the play area,  LEFT HIM THERE, and went off shopping with her other inappropriately dressed lady friends.  Wow.  I debated whether I should let her know that she and her little boy might need to work on how to treat other little kiddos, but I didn't.  I should have.  I think I failed as a mother on that one.

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Tbaby said...

you didn't fail. she did. epic fail. :/

woops...was that mean?