Monday, November 8, 2010

Avery: 18 Months!!

Aves is 18 months old.  WOW.  That child is growing up!! It's craziness.

WEIGHT:  21.5 lbs ---> 15%
HEIGHT:  33 in. ---> 86%
  • This child grew 3 inches in 3 months!!
  • Loves Nick Jr, esp Fresh Beat Band & Backyardigans
  • Loves to snuggle/wrestle w Kerbs.
  • Can name all of her immediate relatives... still workin on Aunt Amy though!!
    • Riley "YiYi"
    • Reid "Eee" or "yiyi"
    • Nonni "Nonna"
    • Big Poppy "Bobby"
    • Nana "Nahnah"
    • Papa "Bopbop"
  • Animal sounds galore...and most of them are hysterically inaccurate :)
  • Constantly asks, "what's that?"
  • Loves to skype w her g-parentals.
  • Apparently is TERRIFIED of the doctor now.  Not cool.
  • Is totally random with her food preferences.  Her fav thing one day is the bain of her existence the next.
  • Loves apple juice, milk, water (any fruit/veggie juice too!)
  • Will finally eat ground meat (turkey...still not into beef yet)
  • Still only has 4 teeth!
  • Is a skinny minnie!  She's in the right size for length but everything is huge in the waist.  We need to put some meat on this child!
  • Loves bathtime still
  • Is doing great in her Bumgenius 3.0! 
  • Loves to help with her babysister
  • Now loves to do everything for babydolls just like mommy does for Cameron
  • Is starting the terrible twos! Yikes.  Is in this terrible kicking and squeeling phase.  AND she starts hitting herself in the head kind of hard when we tell her no.  
  • Is about to start being put in "timeout" proooobably 15 times a day.  Just an estimate.  We shall see...
  • Great with fork & spoon finally :)
  • Has a big girl potty bc she is super interested in the whole going potty thing.  Not really potty training yet though.
  • HATES pooping.  Does a poopy dance and tries to hold it in.  Hilarious/sad.
Avery is the bomb.  We adore her.  She's fun, hilarious, friendly, and just makes our life incredibly JOYFUL!  SOO thankful that God has given us such an awesome blessing to brighten our every day!


Tbaby said...

hahaha favorite is her names for everyone (and that's how they'll stay cuz kids make up their own names regardless of what we want them to call us) #1 favorite is that she calls your dad Bobby. I really hope that sticks. hahahahah

I love me some AVERYYYY!!

Patricia Boettcher said...

Haha love all of it! Sounds like life at our house!