Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Life Without Aves

We are nearing the hour that our little Aves will be back in our life! We miss her!! Cameron has thoroughly enjoyed getting all of our attention to herself, but I know she misses her big sis too. She loves to watch Avery'd goofy antics :)

I got lots done with only one baby! A lot of MUCH NEEDED cleaning/organizing, some Christmas and birthday shopping, some good friend hang out time...

Last night we played QUELF w the Wegs... Hilarious. I'll post pics soon. Everyone have safe travels!!
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Casey said...

Quelf was so fun! And we are ready for Aves to be back too. So sweet when Tatum peeked around the corner looking for her! Aww....they'll have so much fun when Cameron can play with them too. I can see them bossing her around one day. ha!