Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I {heart} B-Riz & Bunco.

I play Bunco once a month with superfly ladies.  It's pretty much the bomb.  I feel kind of funny when I tell people I'm in a Bunco it officially puts me in the "boring old woman mom" category.  But these Bunco chicks are some of the LEAST boring people I know.  They're quite hilarious actually.  We all have some kind of connection with at least one other person in the group.  Tonight dear Sarah Ruth treated us to a delicious dinner and before we knew it....the night was over and we had never even rolled a dice!  All I remember is that she kept offering us more and more wine....

Bunco night is a MUCH appreciated getaway for me.  Hang out time with funny females, my OWN AGE.  No Backyardigans.  No dirty diapers.  I am superrrr thankful to my hubster for always making it so easy for me to go.  Regardless of the state of the Bradford Bunch (which tonight was a little rough) he gladly takes baby duty and never makes me feel the least bit of guilt for leaving him with screaming babies.  Thanks Boo!  You're the bomb.

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