Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Holistic Cold/Flu Remedies

I absolutely {heart} our pediatrician here in Frisco.  If we ever leave, I will be SO hard-pressed to find a doc that we love any more!  A large part of the rason is that they allllways provide all kinds of holistic at-home treatment options before scribbling out a prescription.  We are pretty stocked up around here on cold/flu in case you've never heard of them (like me) I'll break it down what we've learned so far! 

Cold/Congestion/Immune Booster
  • Silver: dosing is on label...lots of specifics for this one! 
  • The following can be taken 2-3x day for 1-2 weeks during acute illness, look for prevention dosing on label
    • Lithy Tree:  congestion
    • Briar Rose:  cough & congestion
    • Elderberry:  flu (research has shown it to stop replication of flu virus)
  • Vitamin D
    • sick: 1600 IU(kid) / 8000 IU(adult)
    • prevention:  fall/winter- half dose,  spring/summer- quarter dose
FLU Treatments/Homeopathic Vaccine
  • Influenzinum: for 4 weeks take 4 pellets(kid) / 10 pellets(adult) and then once a month during flu season
  • Influenza:
    • Sick: 1 spray(infant), 2 sprays(kids 2-12), 3 sprays(adult).  Spray under tongue 2-6x day until symptoms improve. 
    • Preventative: use anywhere from once a day to once a week.
  • Oscillococcinum (age 2+): 
    • Sick (start within 48 hours of first fever): 3x day for 5 days
    • Prevention (after exposure): 1x day for 5 days
  • Any/all immune boosters listed above!
**DISCLAIMER:  always discuss any type of treatment for your little ones with you DOCTOR FIRST!!!**

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