Friday, November 19, 2010


I spent my day packing up for our weekend in Lufkin. It's always a challenge to keep the munchkins entertained enough to allow time to get everyone packed! My parentals are taking Avery Sunday night through Wed night when we arrive in SL for T-giv, sooo for Aves I was packing for 10 days and 3 different locations! My sweet little ones were champs and we were able to hit the road on schedule! That never happens. Thank you, Lord, for jumperoos, high chairs, and the Backyardigans!!

Hope everyone has a superfab wknd!
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Casey said...

Let's work out one night before we both leave for Thanksgiving. Yall have a good wknd in Lufkin!

Gabby said...

The we loved the jumperoo last year. That's so cute that she fell asleep in it!