Monday, November 22, 2010

Texa(n)s Football, 60th Bday Shoutout & Missing my Lovebug!!

The Horns won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Yay.  We Orange-Bloods needed that!

The Texans blew yet ANOTHER sure victory in the final seconds of the game.  SERIOUSLY??  That look of beyond-frustrated-disbelief on Matt Schaub's face is becoming a staple that I am NOT a fan of.

Vince Young had another overly-emotional moment.  Poor guy.  I really do like the dude...I think he loves and serves Jesus...but he seems to be lacking in the self-control department at times.  To be successful as a QB in the NFL he's GOT to learn how to manage his feelings/emotions while in the constant spotlight.

Our wknd in Lufkin was super relaxing and fun.  God hooked me up with some sweeeet in-laws.  I love spending time with them and watching them lovvvve on their grand-girlies.  Happy Bday to my FIL David!!!  The BIG 6-0 today!!  Hope it is teeeerrific!

My mom has Averton @ PuraVida.  We made the exchange last night @ Buccee's in Madisonville and we won't see our little goofball until Wednesday night!! I know she's having a BALL with my mom & dad, but man...we miss her around here already!!  B & I missed our morning of entertainment with our little snugglebug!  For now, Cameron is enjoying being the center of attention!  She deserves it :)  The second child rarely gets the spotlight...

Now off to take advantage of only having one baby!  Master Bedroom I come!  Happy Monday!!

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