Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1 vs 2

Over the past few days we have been reminded how much easier life is with just one little runt.

Things just seem so much calmer. We can take our time because we're not sprinting from child to child to take care of their various needs. There's only ONE little toosh producing dirty diaper after dirty diaper. We actually get to sit and enjoy dinner- TOGETHER! Bathtime and bedtime are quick and super easy. Errands are a breeze. The house isn't turned upside for eternity. Road trips are pretty chill. One kid stays entertained because there's no Kid#2 to steal mommy's & daddy's attention.

Life is seriously so much more relaxing with one baby! BUT- brian and I wouldn't have it any way other than the crazy busy random non stop life that is ours with Cameron and Averton!! We feel so blessed to have 2 of the most awesome little munchkins ever created and love every second we get with them- even if it IS exhausting. There is nothing that could make us happier or bring us more joy. We are BEYOND ready to have our normal life back- with TWO babygirls to take care of :)

Can you tell that cam is pumped too?
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