Friday, October 29, 2010

Play Kitchen Recs??

For either Christmas or her 2nd bday, we want to get Aves a fun little kitchen!!  Any recommendations on which one we should get?  They all have just little differences, but I don't have a clue if one is better than the other??  I don't know what "features" we should be sure it has....  I'm new to the fake-kitchen-purchasing thing :)


the brock clan said...

We have a wooden one from Target which we LOVE! It is pink and white and really cute!

Chuck and Ambre said...

Hey girl! Jolie just got a super cute play kitchen for her birthday and loves it! I like it b/c it looks nice, it is good quality - wooden, it's a good size (that will fit her as she grows), and it has tons of storage (all of her kitchen stuff fits inside the kitchen itself).

Anyway, here is a link...

There are tons of cute kitchens out there! I actually went with this one because it matches her little table/ chairs set. But anyway, it is working out great so far.