Monday, October 25, 2010


After first hearing about the NFL's new policy on helmet-to-helmet hits I was totally a fan.  And then, as I heard endlesssss discussion about it on the ESPN TV/radio, I started to kind of see where the complaining defensive players/ex-players were coming from in their complaints.  THEN, after hearing the commissioner's statements about it throughout the week, I was 85% supportive.  And THEN after the first week with the new rules in place, I am 100% all about it. 

With the new research that is constantly being done on the impact/effects of concussions, how can you NOT support the effort to cut back on the frequency of UNNECESSARY hits in the head??  Seriously.  I'm super proud of the NFL for putting players' safety/quality of post-NFL-life first.  I'm a teeny bit surprised by it, but it makes me proud.  Way to take a stand, Roger Goodell.

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you NEED a little boy.

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