Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I posted a while ago asking for advice/input on cloth diapering.  I got lots of good thanks!!  we have been using bumgenius 3.0 around here for a couple of months now, annnnnd i LOVE it!  they're so incredibly easy.  They really are the perfect diaper for what I was looking for.  Money-saving...check.  Simple to use...check.  One size...check.  Easy enough for DAD to use...check!  The only "con" I can see so far is that Avery's teeny little tush looks HUGE with those bad boys on!  I think it's mostly because she's such a munchkin.  But I kind of think it's PRECIOUS.  

I haven't quite built my diaper supply up to where I'm hoping to, but we're almost there!   YAY for bumgenius 3.0!!  I am itching to get a super cute wetbag from someone at etsy, but so far I haven't seen a fabric that I realllyyyy like, and neither of the 2 ppl I emailed can do custom orders.  I'm not sure where else to find one?  And, I'm still experimenting with the whole dry pail thing...

Oh, and for the record, I DID try gDiapers as well and DID NOT LIKE them one bit.  I have read great things about them, but um...NOT a fan in the least.  I'm sticking with the bumgenius.


Danielle said...

Have you tried Mamabargains? I saw some cute wetbags on there one time. Unfortunately, I don't know when they'll be back on there, but you could always check. :)

the brock clan said...

Exciting! I LOVE Bum Genius! They are one of my fav's! I use a really big wetbag for my "diaper pail", I tried the actual pail thing and was not a fan! My friend makes wetbags and usually does custom orders...check out her site: