Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We spent last week in SL to spend time with fam, mourn together, and to celebrate Pawpaw's awesome life.  Our private memorial for him was awesome.  Along with the tears, there was laughter...and that is a blessing.  All of the grandkids loved hearing the hilarrrious stories about him, and totally loved hearing what an impact he had on his wife, his kids, his kid-n-laws, and his buddies beyond what we already knew.  He had a gift of making you feel special, instilling confidence, and bringing joy.  We realize even more now how lucky we all are to have had Pawpaw around for so long!  That thunderous laugh will NOT be forgotten :)

A special thanks to all of our really super great friends who came out to the visitation.  We love you guys a wholllle lot and are incredibly thankful to have you guys in our lives :)  God has blessed us BIIGGG time with some really cool and meaningful friendships! 

My sweet Nana is pretty amazing.  She has been so strong, but so honest through this whole process.  She and my Pawpaw were so incredibly in love and MAN... I just pray that Brian and I are able to live together for as long as they did!  And what better way to pass on to heaven than in your sleep while holding the hand of your best friend??  Seriously.  God- that was an incredible blessing for my Nana! Thank You.  Although I don't have a clue what it feels like to be in her shoes, I would imagine that each day will be full of sadness for quite some time, so please lift up my Nana.  I know that God gave both her and Pawpaw immense peace on Sunday before he passed, but please continue to pray for comfort and for little bits of laughter and joy each day!

It has definitely been a sad time of mourning such a huge loss...especially for Nana, my dad, and his sisters...but it's also been really cool to spend so much time together.  I'm so thankful for my fam.  For reallsssss.  Thanks God.

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