Friday, October 15, 2010

Top 3

Last night at Lifegroup (which is at our place this month) our "icebreaker" required us each to name our Top 3 concerts we've been to or that we'd like to see.  That's a random question I always ask people anyway, so I was excited to hear everyone's answers.  I love to know what kind of music people are into.

My fav 3 concerts of all time are Ben Folds, Britney (any of the ones I attended qualify...duh.), and Kings of Leon (I forgot about that one last night, and instead said Keith Urban...who is now a close 4th.)

I scored a last minute ticket to Ben Folds in Nov of 2005, but I only found one so I had to go alone.  Did I care? HECK NO!  Anything to see Benny Boy....and it was the GREATEST concert of my life.  AND- some unknown band called "The Fray" opened for him... we were all buzzing about how awesome the opening band was when we left the place...little did we know they had some major fame in store :)  I wish I could back and relive that day.  I was sooooo high on life.

Loobs, Jacci, and I went to our fair share of Britney concerts in our younger years... we were literally in heaven at the time.  We had a somewhat unhealthy obsession that girl.  I'm pretty sure we all reallyyyy wanted to be her.

I got a random invite to the Kings of Leon concert in Dallas right after B, Aves & I moved up here from my sis-in-law, Ames.  I will be eternally greatful for that invite, because I wasn't into their music at the time...I was annoyed at how obsessed everyone had become after just ONE song...but after the concert, I hopped right on the band wagon....because these guys are talented, have great music, and put on a grrreat show.  I kind of fell in love a little bit....

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Tbaby said...

you're so cute rox:)

i love catching up on your blog 18 years later...hahahah love you!!

i especially like that you went to a Ben Folds concert alone and had the time of you life....EXACTLY why i love being friends with such a GREAT AND HAPPY PERSON!! AHHH!