Monday, October 25, 2010

Love my Longhorns...

THe Bradford crew loaded up and headed down south this past weekend.  We spent time in Fburg w/the parentals, Riles, and Nug & Cody.  So happy to have them visit out there for the first time we will DEF have to stay longer and have some late nights out by the firepit :)   Aves learned to say Cody's name...kind of...  She misses "CoCo."

We all headed to Austin for the game on Saturday while the little girlies stayed @ PuraVida w/Nonni.  BADDD GAMMMME.  So not satisying to watch that disaster.  Brian and I left a few minutes early because he was infuriated and I was MIZ.  My stomach was killing me, I had blisters on my feet (bc I'm the genius who wore boots knowing we'd be parking 2 miles from the stadium).  Linzer, Jeremy, and 4-wk-old Baby Knox joined our whole gang @ CPK for a quick bite and some chat-time before we all headed our separate ways.

Loved seeing so many of the people we love this weekend.  The Horns were a total let down...but dude...I feel bad for those kids.  It has to be SO frustrating to dominate #6Nebraska one week and then get 100% outplayed by UNranked Iowa State the next...  Yay for Mizzou (who beat OU...holla) and for Auburn who FINALLY beat LSU who should have lost like...4 times already this year. 

I think my momma took some pics out at the land....  mom??  am i right?  hook a sister up :)

and just for the record...although i am so annoyed w the horns....i still/always love the Horns 100%.  Definitely not a fairweather fan over here...

We were BUMMED to miss Carson's 3rd bday this wknd though!  It looked like one of the coolest parties everrr...Avery would have been in LOVE with the "Fleet" and the train!! Happy belated bday Mr Carson!

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