Monday, August 30, 2010

Really Scattered Catch-up Post

Cameron kind of sort of halfway smiled twice today!!  Makes me melt...

Last weekend with Betho & Kayla was the greaaaatest.  I miss them so incredibly much and enjoyed every single second of our time!!  I loved seeing my girls with Auntie Nug & Aunt Kayla :)  Thank you guys for making the trip, for your crazy babysitting fiasco on Friday night, and for just being some of my most favorite people in life :)  I love youuuuuu.  Aves misses dancing for you guys.  Come back!!

That same wknd I hosted a lingerie shower for a great friend, at another friend's house.  The entire week leading up to the shower was insanity.  I hoped to get most everything finished before Brian left town on Thursday for a bachelor party weekend.  Um.  DIDN't happen.  So... Friday was a whirlwind to the max, but it all worked out and the shower was super fun :)  Thanks to Casey, Greg, & Tatum for entertaining my sweet babies until Nug & Kayla were able to take over!

Speaking of the lingerie shower...I took off early so I could get home to see Nug & Kala...and after less than a MINUTE in the car- I had a blowout.  Two 18-yr-old boys and an hour later, I was on my way home, almost 2 hours late, on a donut.  Awesome. 

Speaking of donuts, I have REALLY been craving some Shipleys lately.

And still speaking of donuts...that donut is STILL on my car.  The rim was damaged and the matching rim that was ordered OVER a week ago has still not arrived.  Um. Cool.

I was cleared on Monday to return back to my normal life.  I. AM. PUMPED.  I went on my first jog last night with the Kerbster, and although short, it was TERRIF.

Brian and I toured Lifetim Fitness in Allen this evening.  AMAZING.  Basically a country club.  And basically EXPENSIVE.  We shall see what decide in the gym membership department.

I ventured to church on Sunday morning with my babygirls BY MYSELF.  It was an adventure.  Brian had a golf tourney.   I was most definitely 15 minutes late, but it was much easier than expected!  Everything just takes SO much longer when there are 2 babies to feed, dress, change, pack for, travel with...  I had a good practice run the week before when Betho & Kayla were here to help!  And Casey & Greg helped me out a little bit after the service with getting Aves from the nursery and getting everyone to the car :) You guys are the bomb.

Tatum came over and spent Saturday night with us while her parents hosted a couples shower at their casa.  I seriously LOVE watching she and Aves play together.  They can be so sweet and so NOT sweet to each other.  It's awesome.  They pooped each other out big time and each went to bed without a peep!  Such big girlies!!

Gosh SO much more I need to document, but I am headed to take advantage of the fact that Cameron is ASLEEP (yesss).  Documenting the details of my life can wait until tomorrow....or maybe next week?  :)  GOODNIGHT!!

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Gabby said...

Yeah Lifetime Fitness is quite nice, but I cancelled my membership because it is pretty expensive, which would've been ok if I actually went. Sounds like things have been hectic, but you've got a good handle on it. Keep up the good work momma!