Friday, August 6, 2010

I Got Bullets...

Brian, Aves, & Cameron make me extreeeeeemely happy!  Anytime I walk in the room to find B snuggling with his 2 babygirls, I melt.  And sometimes I kind of cry a little ha.  There's nothing in the world that brings me more JOY than these 3 cuties.

So I've eliminated milk (soooo sad!!), cheese, ice cream, cream cheese, sour cream, chocolate (superrrr depressing) from my diet and so far so good.  Camo seems to be feeling a little better!  Yay!

Today was Cameron's first experience in the Moby.  She was in heaven.  It's pretty much like being back in the womb from what I can tell.  She doesn't LOVE her swing OR the bouncer and wants to be held most of the the Moby MIGHT be a lifesaver around here :) Thanks Eli!!

We've gone on a few [short] walks this week and it is HOT...but I LOVE it.  Can't wait til I'm cleared to resume normal activities...we will def be a spending a little bit more time outside (as much as little Caminator can handle)

I finally got the invitations finished for my friend Kayla's Lingerie Shower and got them mailed out today.  It has been a CHALLENGE finding time to get it done without Aves attacking my pile of paper/glue/scissors/ribbon OR without Cameron needing to eat/be changed/be held.  So YAY for completion!

On Monday night, The Bradford Four went to the ballpark for B's softball game.  Casey helped me keep up with Aves as I was a little preoccupied with a 2.5 week old.  Averton & Tatum were pumped to see eachother after a LONG break when Tatum & her momma were in Lufkin/Tyler.  We missed you guys! They walked all around the place holding hands...cuuuuuuties :)

Last night, we had the Weghorsts over for fajitas and playtime for Aves & T...such cute little bffs.  They are getting better & better at playing together.  They had the GREATEST 5-second bear hug moment ever...but none of us had our cameras ready :(  We are trying to plan a sleepover to see how they do.  We're kind of thinking they're WAY too young...but we mommas are dying to give it a shot anyway :)

Cameron is still a little bit yellow.  Is that okay?  It makes me a little bit nervous...but we've got Averton's 15-mo check up on Monday, so I'll let the doc take a peek at Cameron too and she can put my mind at ease!
Man... I can't believe I have 2 kiddos.  2 gorgeous little girlies :)  Life is good in the Bradford casa.  Thanks, God :)


C.Darville said...

dont worry too much about her jaundice mama... Isabelle (now 4) was jaundice for almost two months before it completely cleared. Sebastian was a month before his cleared :) Enjoy your babies mama... she'll let you know if something is wrong :)

Ashley said...

I can feel your pain. I've been off all dairy for 8+ months now! It is still hard, although it has gotten easier than it was at first. It does make it worth it though seeing how much better it makes these babies feel, don't ya think!?

Casey said...

Cutest little bff's ever!

the tichenor family said...

you look great sweet mama.

cameron is SO BLONDE! i love it. she's gorgeous. seriously, she's a beautiful baby girl. love her sweet face.